Watching the Swedish elections via live stream (with X factor in the background) and I am so sad and disappointed to see the hight support for the Swedish Democrats. What is going on?!?!

Back on the bi-annual detox for the coming 7 days. If I’m rude or mean to you during this period I’m very sorry in advance!

Use your voice and make sure you vote in the Swedish elections today! Every vote for a party that ISNT the Swedish Democrats is a vote for a better Sweden. Don’t give more power to those racists by NOT using your right to vote!

Very angry that the #swedish embassy messed up my chance to vote! Don’t take your right to vote for granted, it’s a privilege some in this world don’t have!

Sad that she is leaving today 😣

On @nts_radio with @jazzmanrecords 🎢

When mum takes your picture you gotta smile 😊

According to mum (who took this pic) I look like a jazz singer here.


When @stephdheygere meets @foodandlycra… πŸ‰πŸŽ£πŸβ€¦TADA!!!!! Big love to @fashersice 😘

It’s a wrap - I’ve officially graduated! I can’t thank the likes of @adubber & Professor Wall enough for believing in me, encouraging me and helping me achieve an MA degree with a distinction! #bcugraduation

Even a Master has to eat πŸ’πŸœ #bcugraduation

You can now call me Master Orsii 😎

On our way to Birmingham so I can pick up my MA diploma πŸ‘―