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A BIENTÔT \ marathonian @ursularaton <3 #righttomovement #palestinemarathon - let’s meet for the @CPH10K ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #voltwomen (at Cafe Michal)
Might use this as inspiration for my race day hair… if only I could braid >_<

Sun Ra Article in Jazz Magazine (1993)


Madlib, Hudson Mohawk – Milan, April 2014


BRUCK OUT INNA DI PLACE! #MILE21 Epic as per. Hope I gave all those runners the most life when they powered through. You’re all amazing! If you do not run, YOU MUST CHEER! *shakes pom poms* #rundemcrew #cheerdemcrew #crewlove #vlm #london #marathon #cheerleader

Passing by with nothing but smiles @Linathetiger #rundemcrew #vlm2014 #crewlove #cheerdemcrew #londonmarathon by wuthecleaner

Duppy da Ting: Liam Is In The Building



To my fellow brother in Jazz and lover of obscure vinyl I salute you and thank you. You rocked that race today and the smile says it all. Well done


Doing it in style @camilafez by gemmabrady28

I like to say that I don’t run for times, medals or PB’s BUT this medal is SIC! I think I did run for this huge medallion with my birth day engraved on it. LOVE IT! by linathetiger

#MILE21 I had butterflies I couldn’t get rid of for 20 miles before getting to you guys. And THEN when I got to you guys it was a madness (you can tell from my facial expression huh?)!! Seriously next level epicness- I can’t thank you guys enough! London marathon is already epic itself but then #RunDem just goes and smashes it out of the water… Obvs! Thank you @daddydarkrdc for more than you will ever know ❤️ (at The London Marathon Mile 21)

I would run the marathon again, just to relive the #Mile21 experience. There is just something so electrifying about #cheerdemcrew, no race is the same without them. This picture says it all. @jamnson jumped out and ran the last 4 miles with me during a time when I really needed someone. Giving me a lil pep talk and telling me I had to run the last mile alone because it was MY race. I ended up running my last leg as strong as I started it 😘. (at London Marathon Mile 21)

The right time || I am incredibly happy right now. I can finally say that I’m VLM alumni. I got this place 18 months ago and I started training straight away. A month later, I receive bad news and two months after that I said goodbye to my Gran. So training for this race then became my coping mechanism. I was unable to run it due to circumstances out of my control and I was devastated. Won’t bore you with the details again. This medal means a lot to me as it doesn’t represent any PB or glory, but picking myself up, moving out my comfort zone by leaving a job I wasn’t happy in and retraining from scratch. It represents not cutting corners, working three jobs - late nights early mornings getting up and out there and working my ass off. It represents everything I have done in the past year to just exist. This is for me, those who carried me when I couldn’t stand and more importantly my Grandmother. 18 minutes over my PB with a sprained ankle at Mile 16? I’ll have that. 😊 #VLM2014 #angelrunsVLM2014 #running #rundemcrew #family #Voltwomen #love #fitchicks #RespectMyHustle #mile21 by angeldeefitness

As you can imagine there were hundreds of images taken over London Marathon weekend but this one by @evereverjewellery is my favourite thus far. An epic day in the sunshine and the voices and spirit of the thousands of people who joined us on the road and passed through Mile 21. I’ve done a ton of things over the years that I’m proud of but standing on the roadside yesterday and thinking about Run Dem and what it means to so many people got me all emotional. I always say that running is the least important part of the Run Dem story but what we do strive to do is to bring positive vibes to the road and uplift peoples spirits along the way. I think we nailed it yesterday. Big up everyone who rolled through #cheerdem and helped to make it such a memorable day. Every day should be London Marathon day. #bridgethegap #vlm #londonmarathon #rdc #rundemcrew #mile21 #crewlove #gunfinger #positivity #love #joy

Owning another 10k and night.

**Watch in HD**

"If you do not run, you must cheer!"

This is a compilation of short videos I made at Mile 21 of the London Marathon with the mighty Run Dem Crew as we cheered on some of our friends, but for the majority, complete strangers.

If you ever wondered what running means to me and why I prioritise spending my time running over many other things in my life, look no further than this video.

Running a marathon is a phenomenal accomplishment and I have respect for every single person who has managed to concur 26.2 miles - it’s something that I hope to add to my achievements as I run my first marathon in Copenhagen the 18th May 2014.

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